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DINNER in Exeter

Details to follow very soon!



Saturday 9th

DINNER in Brighton

Archipelagos - the no.1 restaurant in Hove voted by TripAdvisor


After a short break, we are going to the restaurant rated as the number one restaurant in Hove on tripadvisor.


We will be sharing a selection of tradition Greek meze food.


Meze Menu

 (The dishes below are to share and the amount of dishes served depends on the number of people in the group)


Elies - Psomi (V)

Greek olives - bread(V)


Horiatiki (V)


Greek Salad (V)

Taramosalata, houmous and tzaxziki with warm pitta bread (V)


Stifado me Mosliari

Pieces of beef and shallots cooked with red wine in a casserole


Patatas me Saltsa (V)

Oven cooked potatoes in a tomato sauce


Manitaria me Skordo (V)

Garlic mushrooms



Greek style meatballs in tomato sauce


Kotopoulo Kokinisto

Chicken cooked in a pepper, onion and tomato sauce


Calamari Tiganito

Deep fried onion rings



A traditional Greek rice and seafood dish, similar to Paella


What is Mezedakia?

Mezedakia are the little dishes typically served in the tavernas and ouzeries in Greece prepared and served the traditional way. You can order as few or as many as your appetite desires.

They are delicious accompaniments to a bottle of Retsina, wine or Ouzo.

You can enjoy them like the fun you have on holiday! Yamas!!


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